Domaine Hervé de Lavoreille, viticulteur Santenay

Grands Vins de Bourgogne

Propriétaire Récoltant à Santenay, Côte d'Or

The Domaine

Our method of cultivating

Years ago, we have decided upon a specific method of cultivating our vineyards, known in France as "reasoned weed an pest control", in order to follow a policy of respect on the environment together with the protection of nature an fauna, i.e. favouring the development of natural predators, such as Typhlodromus, against the red and yellow spiders. We also use sexual confusion to fight Cochylis and Eudemis, causing the grape-worm infection.

Back to soil-management agriculture, in order to avoid - as much as possible - the use of chemical weed-killers and prevent topsoils from erosion, we practice :

Vine making

  • Manual pruning : on a "royat cordon cut" basis for Pinots Noirs and "single guyot cut" for Chardonnays.
  • Manual de-budding and removing of the unwanted shoots.
  • Manual thinning out of the leaves to favour the air circulation and periods of sunshine around the bunches of grapes, to reduce the risk of grey-rot and help grape maturation.

All these works are meant to obtain grapes that produce an optimal quality wine, in the respect of the typicity of its "terroir".

Respect for traditions

Our red and white wines are achieved in the purest tradition of winemaking in Burgundy, i.e. :

  • Manual hervesting : in order to respect the fruit, be able to sort the grapes and keep the ripest and soundest berries.
  • Traditional wine-making :
    • Alcoholic fermentation of the distemmed grapes, in temperature controlled fermentors, with daily punching of the cap and pumping over, during 10 to 20 days, according to the quality of the vintages.
    • Oak-barrel ageing during 12 to 18 months, according to the vintage, with some percentage of new barrels, all done in an underground XVth century maturing cellar, preventing the wines from temperature and climate variations.


The wines of our Domaine have been selected by French authoritative wine magazines, guides and newspapers, such as : Le Guide Hachette des Vins, La Revue des Vins de France, La Lettre de Gault et Millau, Vin Magazine, Le Figaro (spécial vins), Tourisme et Gastronomie, Le Guide des Sommeliers, Le Guide Gault et Millau, Le Guide Gilbert et Gaillard, Le Guide des Vins de Propriété, La Bourgogne de Vigne en Table.

Prizes and distinctions have been awarded to our wines, more recently : Tastevinages - Burgondia d'Or - Médailles d'Or et de Bronze au concours des Grands Vins de France à Mâcon.